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Digital Home Development Inc. is one of the leading home development companies renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and innovative designs. We offer comprehensive digital home solutions to our clients and ensure customer satisfaction with 24/7 support. Here is an overview of Digital Home Development:

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Canadian Real Estate

potential solution to the real estate crisis. This innovative opportunity offers four housing units and a laneway house on a single property, providing an attractive investment option……


Inflation, interest rates, the Bank of Canada, and the housing bubble raise concerns about investment options. Apartments with negative cash flow struggle to secure mortgages.


Our plan for the next decade involves harnessing digital home technology and modular development to construct residential projects across the province.


Turn crisis into opportunity!

Canadian Real Estate

4 Plus 1 Projects in Toronto

Toronto's Ambitious
Housing Growth Plan:

285,000 New Units in 8 Years, a 23% Increase

Our Toronto one-site four-unit + laneway house investment plan will be very popular! The (opportunity) that will be the solution to the real estate crisis!

Project: short flat and fast project, with advantages of fast approval,The estimated approval time is only six months!

Toronto’s housing crisis!

From 2024 onwards, transforming any house on Toronto’s main streets into 30 units is possible, reaching up to six stories high.


Canada urgently needs more rental housing, and there’s a clear focus on the lack of mid-range options, especially in Toronto.

The latest priority project could mean that each house on major streets can be developed into up to 30 units, with a maximum height of six stories.

So, what exactly has changed?

The idea is to amend Toronto’s Official Plan, modify our residential codes, and adjust the zoning permissions on main streets to make room for increased density. Here’s a brief overview of the proposal’s content:

  • The maximum number of stories will reach up to 6.
  • The maximum number of units will reach up to 30.
  • There will be increases in the build length and depth.
  • The Floor Space Index (FSI) requirements, which limit the area that can be built relative to the size of the lot, will also be removed.

Canadian Real Estate

Three Units in
One Location in Ontario

Ontario Admits Inability to
Fulfill 1.5 Million Housing Plan

The Ontario government acknowledges a significant challenge in achieving its ambitious plan to build 1.5 million homes by 2031, revealing a potential impossibility to realize the set goal.

Ontario Government’s Housing Reform New Regulations: Easy Access to Housing Land Resources, Legally Tripled Residential Property Floor Area Ratio (FAR), Fast-Track Approvals for Projects, Quick and Efficient Project Investment to Avoid the Pain of Prolonged Approval Delays for Large-Scale Projects!

Canadian Real Estate

Garden Suite

A “Laneway House” typically refers to a small residential unit located in the rear lane or alley of a city. These houses are usually separate and self-contained dwellings, often situated in the backyard of a main residence or on other auxiliary land.

Invest in Affordable Housing

Canada's Housing Crisis

Canada Affordable Housing

Need to Build 5.8 Million Homes in the Next 10 Years?

Urgent investment in affordable housing is essential in addressing Canada’s critical shortage of 5.8 million homes, stimulating economic growth through job creation.

Canadian Real Estate


we will expand our initiatives to countries worldwide, collaborating with governments in need. We aim to offer state-of-the-art solutions for building modern, affordable housing communities (Affordable Housing Community) using leading 3D printing and modular construction technologies.

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One of the top companies in home development is "Digital Home Development," known for their quality craftsmanship and innovative designs.

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We provide round-the-clock support, ensuring assistance and solutions are available anytime, day or night, for your convenience and peace of mind.

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With 15 years of experience, we've handled numerous real estate projects in Canada. Our team manages every aspect, from land acquisition to property transformation into star-rated serviced apartments and vacation villas.

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Our dedicated professional operation team excels in delivering tailored solutions for development projects, guaranteeing superior construction quality and seamless home operation post-completion.

Complete rental solution

After completion, it seamlessly integrates with our digital platform, connecting to global OTAs and short-stay platforms, ensuring swift rentals without complications


Digital Real Estate Tokenization (Token) and Web3 will change forever disrupt and reshape real estate ownership investments.


Raise Capital for Your Project on Your Terms

Digital Assets Capital can help your company raise capital on your terms through flexible financial instruments. Our services and solutions are customized to position your distinctive offering in the best way possible effectively.

—— Fractional Ownership ——

Our business model is GP-LP (Fractional Ownership).

Leveraging cutting-edge technology, we are disrupting both the real estate and finance sectors, poised to transform the entire ecosystem. Fractional ownership revolutionizes property ownership by enabling multiple individuals to invest collectively, thereby distributing risk.

This innovative approach addresses the challenges posed by volatile real estate markets characterized by soaring interest rates and fluctuating property prices. It ensures that one person does not bear the burden of owning multiple homes, mitigating the impact of market turbulence on individual investors.

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