Turn crisis into opportunity!

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4 Plus 1 Projects in Toronto

Toronto's Ambitious
Housing Growth Plan:

285,000 New Units in 8 Years, a 23% Increase

Our Toronto one-site four-unit + laneway house investment plan will be very popular! The (opportunity) that will be the solution to the real estate crisis!

Project: short flat and fast project, with advantages of fast approval,The estimated approval time is only six months!

Canadian Real Estate

Three Units in
One Location in Ontario

Ontario Admits Inability to
Fulfill 1.5 Million Housing Plan

The Ontario government acknowledges a significant challenge in achieving its ambitious plan to build 1.5 million homes by 2031, revealing a potential impossibility to realize the set goal.

Ontario Government’s Housing Reform New Regulations: Easy Access to Housing Land Resources, Legally Tripled Residential Property Floor Area Ratio (FAR), Fast-Track Approvals for Projects, Quick and Efficient Project Investment to Avoid the Pain of Prolonged Approval Delays for Large-Scale Projects!

Canadian Real Estate

Garden Suite

A “Laneway House” typically refers to a small residential unit located in the rear lane or alley of a city. These houses are usually separate and self-contained dwellings, often situated in the backyard of a main residence or on other auxiliary land.

Invest in Affordable Housing

Canada's Housing Crisis

Canada Affordable Housing

Need to Build 5.8 Million Homes in the Next 10 Years?

Urgent investment in affordable housing is essential in addressing Canada’s critical shortage of 5.8 million homes, stimulating economic growth through job creation.

Canadian Real Estate


we will expand our initiatives to countries worldwide, collaborating with governments in need. We aim to offer state-of-the-art solutions for building modern, affordable housing communities (Affordable Housing Community) using leading 3D printing and modular construction technologies.