Guelph Council's Housing Initiative

Guelph Council's Housing Response

Mayor Cam Guthrie's Vision

Mayor Guthrie's Housing Vision

  • Mayor Guthrie’s motion approved for drafting a zoning bylaw allowing up to four residential units per lot.
  • Original motion suggested flexibility for future increases beyond three units.

Guelph's Urgent Housing Crisis

Addressing Guelph's Housing Crisis

    • Emphasis on the deepening housing crisis since May.
    • The unanimous decision reflects urgency in exploring all options to alleviate the crisis.

Municipal Approaches & Workshop Highlights

Municipal Approaches & Workshop Insights

  • Guelph aligns with Kitchener in approving fourplexes, contrasting with Mississauga’s recent rejection.
  • Special Council workshop highlights housing as a human right and uses federal Housing Accelerator Fund incentives.
  • Plans for the draft bylaw to be presented in 2024.