Transforming Housing in Hamilton

Federal Initiative for Affordable Housing

Partnership & Goals

Government-City Collaboration

  • Announcement of a partnership between the Government of Canada and the City of Hamilton.
  • Fast-tracking 2,600 housing units in the next three years and over 9,000 homes in the next decade.
  • Goals: Higher density, student housing, transit proximity, and affordability.

Housing Accelerator Fund (HAF)

Empowering Housing Development

    • Details of the HAF providing $93.5 million to eliminate barriers.
    • Facilitating high-density development near rapid transit, including Hamilton LRT stations.
    • Making city-owned lands and brownfields available for development.

Zoning & Nationwide Impact

Zoning Changes & Nationwide Reach

  • Commitment to expanding zoning permissions for housing.
  • Amendment of zoning by-law to allow construction of four residential units on one lot.
  • HAF’s nationwide impact: fast-tracking 100,000 new homes, encouraging bold action plans.