Residential Design Services

Our approach to design is grounded in the enduring belief that every structure we conceive should possess timeless qualities. We identify three key elements integral to timeless design: incorporation of historically characteristic details and materials, adherence to proportion and symmetry, and thoughtful integration with the natural surroundings, taking into account factors like sunlight. Although these principles may seem abstract, our hands-on design methodology ensures their practical application, commencing with the initial stages of sketching.

Feasibility Study

Each project we undertake initiates with a comprehensive sun study, a thorough zoning by-law review, and a design intake meeting. Through collaborative discussions, we delve into your stylistic preferences, desired square footage, and overall project requirements before translating these considerations into the initial sketches. This meticulous process ensures a well-informed and tailored approach to each project from the outset.

Sketching and Design Exploration

Clients engage in a collaborative process with us, actively participating as he crafts floor plan sketches that undergo thorough in-person review and revision. This phase is pivotal in the design development process, as it is during these interactions that Jesse determines the structure’s proportions and selects exterior materials. The inclusion of exterior perspective sketches further enhances the precision of the design, making this collaborative stage crucial to the overall development of the project.

2D and Preliminary 3D Models

In the initial phase of the computer-generated design process, we establish the foundation for an immersive 3D design experience. This step involves creating models that enable our team to assess the sun paths designed earlier, ensuring optimal window placement to harness natural light and preventing exterior overhangs from obstructing these paths. Additionally, this phase plays a crucial role in refining the proportions of the structure’s massing, contributing to the overall precision of the design.

Photorealistic 3D Models

In the concluding stage of the initial design process, We refines every exterior detail. Irrespective of the architectural style, each design undergoes a thorough review to ensure it attains a timeless quality. This phase may extend concurrently with the preparation and submission of zoning and building permit drawings, with minimal impact on the content of these submissions in most cases. The emphasis here is on achieving design perfection and enduring aesthetic appeal.

Zoning Drawing and Committee of Adjustment

The meticulous development of zoning drawings is pivotal for securing approval from the relevant municipality for our designs. Collaborating closely with our clients, we prioritize optimizing the file before submission as a key aspect of our project strategy. In cases involving zoning by-law amendments through the Committee of Adjustment (C of A), we advocate for our clients, drawing on our extensive experience derived from the successful approval of over 150 C of A applications. This strategic approach underscores our commitment to navigating regulatory processes effectively on behalf of our clients.

Construction Drawing And Building Permit Submission

Collaborating with our in-house construction team, our firm conducts a meticulous assessment of decisions made during the design process to ensure that the structural composition of each home is both practical and forward-thinking in design. In this particular phase, we closely partner with our engineering teams to ensure that the structural design is not only efficient but also aligned with and respectful of our overarching design vision. This collaborative effort underscores our commitment to marrying practicality with design excellence in the construction phase.

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