Mississauga Mayor Overrides
Council Decision

Strong Mayor Powers to Allow Fourplexes


City Council Rejection and Mayor's Powers

  • Overview of city council’s rejection of fourplex proposal.
  • Mayor Crombie’s strong mayor powers and authority to issue directives.

Mayor's Directive

Mayor Crombie's Bold Directive

    • Mayor Crombie’s directive to allow fourplexes.
    • Ensuring eligibility for $120 million federal funding.
    • Addressing housing crisis and building the “missing middle.”

Federal Pressure

Federal Pressure on Mississauga

  • Federal government’s push for densification in Mississauga.
  • Minister Fraser’s letter and desire for fourplex approval.
  • Social media reaction to council’s vote.

Minister's Response

Minister Fraser's Response

    • Minister Fraser’s response to Mayor Crombie’s directive.
    • Encouragement and optimism about the city’s application.
    • Commitment to review details before a final decision.

Next Steps

City's Next Steps

  • City staff preparing official plan and zoning amendments.
  • Public meeting scheduled before 2024.
  • Uncertainty about the federal funding approval.