Three Units in One Place Project

Advantages of
Three Units in One Place Project

Today’s world is in turmoil housing markets like the stock market, and a financial nuclear bomb more serious than the 2008 financial meltdown is about to erupt at any moment. The Federal Reserve keeps raising interest rates strongly, with US and Canadian bank rates skyrocketing from 1.5% to perhaps 7% or more. The real estate market is in a panic as sales and prices both plummet!

Major housing reform in Ontario! Allowing three
units to be built on one site to address Ontario’s
housing shortage. Ontario needs 1.5 million units in
the next ten years. A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Ontario announces comprehensive housing
reform! Allow 3 units on one lot! Cancel public
hearings on projects!

Take advantage of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity in
Ontario’s comprehensive housing reform to legally and
automatically triple the floor area ratio of each residential property, with easy project approval and short and quick project investment.

Upgrading and renovating your property, knocking down and
rebuilding it into a long term rental flat, star hotel style flat,
vacation home, turning ordinary long term rental flats, houses into hotel style flats, vacation homes, multiplying your income, adding value to unused real estate, increasing the confidence of property owners to buy investment properties, in order to increase your cash income and enhance the value of your property to preserve its appreciation. Turn the crisis into an opportunity for you to earn high returns!

New Ontario government housing reform rules.

Housing land resources are easy to obtain legally and
automatically increase the plot ratio of each residential property by three times

Three Units in One Place Project

Understanding Ontario's Housing Crisis

Aiming for 1.5 Million Homes

The Ambitious Plan

Ontario’s plan to address the housing shortage by building 1.5 million new homes by 2031.

Challenges Ahead

Facing Reality

Acknowledging the significant obstacles in achieving this target, indicating the possibility of falling short.

Rethinking Strategies

The Way Forward

Exploring potential adjustments and new strategies to address the housing crisis effectively.

Three Units in One Place Project

Ontario Admits Inability to
Fulfill 1.5 Million Housing Plan

The Ontario government acknowledges a significant challenge in achieving its ambitious plan to build 1.5 million homes by 2031, revealing a potential impossibility to realize the set goal.

Developers lower housing prices significantly to entice purchasers in this period, and in some cases, someone buying a lower-priced condo with a higher-rate mortgage will save more money than someone buying a higher-priced condo with a lower-rate mortgage. Like the adage goes: buy low, and sell high!

Challenges Ahead

Budgetary projections indicate a substantial shortfall in housing construction over the next three years, with starts expected to fall far below the necessary 150,000 homes per year. The commencements, numbering 96,100 in 2022, are anticipated to drop to 80,300 in 2023 and 79,300 in 2024.

Factors at Play

The government attributes this inability to factors beyond its control, citing the rise in interest rates and inflation. Housing Minister Steve Clark emphasizes these elements as challenges that exceed the government’s sphere of influence.

Commitment vs. Reality

While expressing a commitment to doing everything possible, the government clarifies that its role is to create a favorable environment for new constructions. Clark underscores that the government might not necessarily fulfill the pledged construction targets.

This admission underscores the practical challenges facing the government’s housing plan, raising questions about the feasibility of the commitment. Going forward, the government will grapple with addressing the ongoing surge in housing demand.