Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill

Accelerating Home Construction
in Richmond Hill

Government of Canada's Housing Accelerator Fund Initiative

Agreement Overview

Government-City Partnership for Rapid Housing Development

  • Agreement details: Fast-tracking 780 housing units in the next 3 years.
  • Funding: $31 million from the Housing Accelerator Fund.
  • Objectives: Focus on higher density, student housing, transit proximity, and affordability.

Richmond Hill Action Plan

Richmond Hill Action Plan

Action Plan Highlights:

    • Streamlined development: Reduced barriers and accelerated infrastructure.
    • Zoning changes: Allowing up to four units in residential areas.
    • Transit-oriented development: Increased density around transit stations.

Impact and Future Steps

Building the Future Together

  • Impact: Construction of 41,500 homes in the next decade.
  • Continued collaboration: Government commitment to working with local and Indigenous partners.
  • Call to action: Encouraging bold approaches for sustainable, affordable housing.