What keeps you from tossing and falling asleep?

If so, chances are others have the same annoyance

  • Regarding inflation, interest rates, the Bank of Canada, whether
    there is a housing bubble, and investment options, the apartment
    has a negative cash flow and cannot obtain a mortgage loan;
    regarding pre-sale apartment transactions, the original buyer
    cannot apply for a mortgage;
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    units), and the high-profile home loan option program, up to 95%
    loan-to-value ratio and 4.25% interest rate (bank 7.2%);
  • Explore laneway/garden suites, Ontario Proposition 23, and
    build up to 4 units + laneway gardens anywhere in Toronto,
    avoiding punitive development fees;
  • Learn about changes to property owners associations
    (neighbors can no longer appeal); explore investment
    opportunities in Toronto today, whether to buy a single-family
    primary residence or keep renting.