Growth and Development in Greater Napanee, Ontario

Building a Sustainable Future

Positive Aspects of Building in Greater Napanee

  • Affordable housing options compared to urban centers.

  • Small-town charm and close-knit community.

  • Natural beauty with picturesque landscapes.

Building Department: Obtaining Building Permits

  • Building permit application process.
  • Review and approval stages.
  • Construction inspections for compliance.

Future Plans and Viability of Greater Napanee

  • Economic diversification for long-term growth.

  • Commitment to sustainable development practices.

Greater Napanee Housing Snapshot

CMHC insights and the current state of housing in Greater Napanee.

Canada's 2030 Housing Goals

  • Canada’s target: 22 million units by 2030.
  • Importance of affordability.
  • Estimated cost: One trillion dollars.

Median Prices in Greater Napanee

  • Current median list price: $679,000.
  • Monthly price variations.
  • Influencing factors on pricing.

Addressing the Housing Crisis

  • Aled ab Iorwerth’s insights.
  • Incentivizing private sector investment.
  • Streamlining regulations and reducing obstacles.