Building a Sustainable Future

Meeting the Housing Needs of Saint John

Saint John's Housing Challenge

  • Addressing Saint John’s Housing Crisis

  • The urgent need to more than double annual housing starts to meet the city’s population growth targets.

Current Housing Output in Saint John

  • Brent McGoven’s statement on the need for over 700 units annually.
  • Historical data showing an average of 270 units per year over the past five years.
  • Expectation of just over 300 housing starts in 2023.

Saint John's Housing Statistics

  • Saint John’s vacancy rates for different apartment sizes.
  • Comparison with other cities in New Brunswick, highlighting Saint John’s position.
  • Information on housing starts in the second quarter and average rent rates.

Strategies and Challenges Ahead

  • Andrew Reid’s insights on focusing on affordability and addressing supply and demand issues.
  • The city’s growth target of 85,000 people in 10 years.
  • Mention of Saint John’s housing action plan and potential measures like inclusionary zoning.

Moncton's Housing Approval Overhaul


  • Current system involves public notices and hearings.
  • Proposed changes aim to streamline, accelerate housing supply.

Existing Approval System

  • Zoning rule-permitted uses: Approved in approx. 2 weeks.
  • Planning advisory committee approval for conditional uses (6-8 weeks).
  • Rezoning requiring city council approval (4-6 months).

Proposed Change

  • All mid- and high-density residential uses are conditional.
  • Shift from conditional to permitted, impacting notices and hearings.

Impact on Residential Uses

  • Conditional uses subject to committee terms.
  • Change to permitted use eliminates certain notifications and reviews.

Public Hearing on Jan. 15

  • Proposal to eliminate public hearings requires a public hearing.
  • Scheduled for January 15 for input and concerns.

Responsibility for Notifications

  • Developers responsible for notifying residents.
  • Addressing councillor concerns about community awareness.